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The idea of FoodPhotoGuys is in my opinion a “box rocket”. For those that don’t know what a box rocket is. It’s a rocket ship made out of a box with wheels. Sometimes with some cool flames on the side or a even Nasa badge. The brilliant idea for this box rocket was initially thought up by 2 friends, colleagues, dads and just a pair of geeks. Geeks with some very big dreams, Dreams to build this amazing rocket ship and shoot for the stars. Now with everything it requires a lot of hard work to come up with an idea, then build it and keep changing it, keep adding bits and removing bits until it’s ready for take off! And for me I don’t think that part ever changes because you have to keep evolving to go further. Once you have the right formula just like e=mc2, 2 hungry guys, a secret little fat kid inside and a vision! A vision to build something of value to be a platform to shine a light on, to recognise & praise & to bring out the best in each other at every turn. Food photo guys is something bigger than we could have ever comprehended. To quote one of my favourite movies 'Field of dreams' "If you build it! He will come." 

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